I watched this movie today with my Mom and sister.

The movie is based on a book call Her-2 by Robert Bazell, Mary-claire King.  It is a biography of Herceptin, the drug I took for almost a year every 3 weeks.  Unlike chemotherapy and radiation Herceptin has no disabling side effects. It works by inactivating Her-2neu a protein that makes the cancer cells grow quickly produced by a gene found in 25-30 percent of all Breast Cancers.

I think what I was most moved by was the portrayal of the Doctor by Harry Connick Jr. who played the real life Dr. Dennis Slamon.  This doctor sacrificed so much in his personel life to push for this drug to be trailed and approved.  I also can’t help but be moved emotionally by the women who spent much of their precious time they had in late stages of their breast cancer disease to help prove this treatment that saved my life.   



Herceptin negative effects could be experienced by people who take this medicine for treating breast cancer, and abdomen tumors which had spread beyond the stomach area in combination with chemotherapy. Even though every person’s reaction to Herceptin is different, the drug is reasonably well…